New Louis Cole Album

His new album Time is absolutely brilliant. So fun to hear something brand new from one of your favorite artists when they’re completely at their peak and firing on all cylinders.

Future Pop comes out tomorrow too. The singles have been hit and miss but hoping it’s a step up from Cosmic Explorer (parts of which did end up growing on me but overall not so much).

Good times for new tunes.

I switched to GitLab

You can now find my hilaribad code at

I realize that just switching your trust from one centralized authority (github) to another (gitlab) is not really a big win, but I still switched because:

1. If gitlab does stuff I’m not down with I can just self-host

Side note: that’s also that’s why all my permalinks will be to instead of directly to gitlab. Nginx also made it really easy to allow for to point straight to that repo and so forth.

2. There’s something to be said for just deciding to not be part of certain network effects that you feel are too strong. This is a big part of why in the past I decided to switch to firefox, stop posting on social media (except mastodon), and even part of why I moved out of San Francisco

3. I wasn’t born yesterday. I don’t care about the friendly smiling man. Market forces are more powerful than intentions, and Microsoft gon Microsoft. Maybe not in the short term, but on the multi-decade timescale where we need a place to organize ourselves around code this almost certainly will go sour.