I’m having a pretty “get off my lawn” moment here and decided to take it old school with a blog. This isn’t for long-form blogging. I really just want it to be a direct substitute for what I post on twitter, instagram, etc.

I’m unhappy with the current social networks and their increasingly algorithmic clickbaity garbage feeds. If you want to subscribe to me, use RSS, a great open standard! WordPress is a fantastic piece of open source software and I’m running it on my little digitalocean vps. This was a pain in the ass to set up, but the old internet was never convenient. That’s part of the fun.

The internet feels like it took a hard left from potential utopia to potential dystopia. Still, nobody’s forcing us to be lazy and continue to centralize onto these closed platforms that just build higher and higher walls around their crappy and frightening gardens. The old ideals, progress, optimism, and amazing technology of the open web are still there for anyone who wants to join in. Fight the power! I feel like a combination of super old school (starting a blog) and super new school (decentralized blockchain-based crazy stuff) will lead me to a happier and more interesting digital life.

My posting will probably remain infrequent (as it was with twitter), but for now it’ll all be done here. Onwards and upwards!