*EDIT: I’m now moving to https://tinyfed.com/@kevinflo – more to come on this soon

*End edit

I don’t post here much anymore, and I just wanted to drop a line to say that it’s mostly because I’m gravitating more towards the fediverse/mastodon. https://mastodon.social/@kevinflo is where you can find me there (for now)

Eventually I hope to stake my claim in the fediverse at my own domain but I’m not sure how I want to approach that so for now I’m just chillin on mastodon.social

I also made one episode of https://fediversecast.com/ – keep planning to make more but it just hasn’t come together yet. Episodes will be a *when the stars align* kind of thing instead of regular.

Instagram is feeling like an unstoppable culture hub juggernaut. The youth of the world think it’s cool. Times are desperate. Federate, experiment, be loud, evangelize.