WOW, it's all really there. Most of the rest of the major works of Yasutaka Nakata are live on your music streaming service of choice (Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu albums were up already). One of the most impressive discographies in history.

Ok, now dig in and start listening and join me in trying to even wrap your brain around the fact that a single person wrote & produced all these albums in 20 years

Screenshot of a ton of Yasutaka Nakata albums live on music streaming services

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Wow having so much there just makes the ones still missing tilt me! Music Controller slaps. Natsumelo has gems if you look for em. Star Train's updated Imitation World single is a huge statement of how much he developed. Hope the gaps get filled in someday but this just shows how I'll never really be able to rely on music streaming services that don't let you fill in the gaps with your own files.