I’m optimistic about Amplitube Tonex a.k.a. the “kemper killer” https://youtu.be/R6kbE6NgIYc?t=93

The idea is you record a clean guitar signal and its corresponding mic’d amp sound, upload it to the cloud and server-side some kind of AI/ML thing generates a model of the amp and makes it available to anyone who has bought into the ecosystem. The real win on their end is they build up a massive dataset of all these extremely high fidelity audio samples of all this rare and often one-of-a-kind gear they can build off of in the future. It seems existential for other companies in this space to follow suit ASAP or be left in the dust.

I never invested in a kemper or helix or axe-fx or anything. Buying specific hardware just to model guitar amps always felt like it would be an awkward stepping stone in the big picture, but plugins just seemed to fall short. Hopefully this bridges the gap.

UPDATE: It’s not very good…