The many independent music scenes in the twin cities are on fire. It’s reaching a point where it’s feeling like a statistical probability that something will break out and become huge. Maybe not lizzo level breakout, but the next big act out of the twin cities is for sure already playing local gigs. The coolest/most encouraging thing about this newer crop is there seems to be waaaay more scene/genre cross-pollination going on. Everybody is jamming with everybody. Here’s just the latest of many drops in many genres that really made me pause and say wow

Who’s it gonna be, jaefontane or somebody from the water wave crew? Soulflower or Marvelous from the cherry pit crew? biggkiaa or somebody already getting people hype at at creative_mpls and the entry? Some music school kids or rockers like the dregs playing creator’s cup? Some bedroom pop artist like sun.bear? Some intellephunk or mplshouse DJ/producer? It’s anybody’s game.