This will be just a post of some random updates/links.

Update 1: My Ableton Push 3 order is processing. if you’re not familiar. Looks amazing and I’m SO excited to play around with it. Will it be a big unlock that moves me forward musically or just a fun distraction? Probably the latter, but time will tell. Overall I’m still trash at making electronic music and I still feel a million miles away from my goal of someday writing a truly great song. edit: I got the push 3 and within 1 hour I had found 3 dealbreaker level hardware faults. Props to them for aiming high but this product should not have gone to market in this state, I’m returning it.

Update 2: My bass has some kind of a weird internal vibration buzz when I sustain a note, almost like something is barely loose and rattling. It’s like fret buzz but it’s not that. I think it’s something inside the pickups that’s loose? Also can’t tell if it’s something new or just something I somehow never noticed in 15 years of playing and loving that instrument. Side note, Spector just dropped a new revision which seems very cool. I’m fine with the one I’ve got though- recently told a friend I’ll play it till the day I die if it makes it and that’s really how I feel. edit: loose pickup screw! Tightened it and it’s all good. Also figured out I bought it ~19 years ago, not 15. Time flies.

Update 3: I got the Capsule Metro Pulse special edition and some refurbed Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X’s. The trio of instrumentals on disc 2 at full volume on those cans was like an imax movie lol holy smokes those tracks are masterpieces.

Update 4: Today in social media is a mess I took the plunge with and - end of an era. Also someone squatted my discord handle before me and at this point I barely care.

Link 1: Incredible

Link 2: Magic

Link 3: This tribute

Link 4: Love Cloud is a joy, team perfume is unstoppable and Nakata is in peak form