I’ve been thinking a lot about this discussion https://youtu.be/sYpKg6HR1z8?t=2414 and now I find Mitski releasing this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9Yy_3dk750 to be so completely fascinating. I actually paused in the beginning of the video where she gave the disclaimer to really consider if I wanted to watch the video. She was basically warning that the magician is going to tell you how the trick is done. I ended up watching of course but appreciated that she acknowledged the weird territory we’re in as far as access to artists online and let me decide for myself if this was too much.

As a trash wannabe songwriter I did find it extremely helpful. I’ve moved away from intentional ambiguity in lyrics instead trying to be more concrete and paint a clearer picture in the listener’s head. She goes all-in on both. So interesting. I think I’ll still stray away from the ambiguity but it’s always so helpful to have other approaches to triangulate against.

I also wonder why she felt like making this explainer. Maybe she got annoyed by people pegging her wrong and not appreciating how deliberate and calculated her songwriting is. Or maybe she’s seeing songwriter stuff on algo timelines and wanted to join the party.

Yes it was a bit weird watching it but I mostly just felt grateful after. Here’s this giga-genius monster songwriter, one of the coolest musicians on the planet walking me through her songwriting process for a new song. We’re definitely diving deeper into weird new territory but I don’t feel like any magic tricks got ruined.