New Lil Yachty was a little hit or miss but overall fun. I think it’ll grow on me more too. No matter what style he’s doing it always has that same unique magnetic thing to it. I’m always a sucker for a good two chord jam

Once again, producer creds a mile long

Three credited had this to say makes me wonder even more what the process was like.

Pico Pop and Shibuya-kei are two of the coolest genres ever


I mean come ON

But also being exposed to more artists in these genres just puts more into context how the early Capsule albums were completely in a league of their own. What cool genres for a savant and workaholic to springboard off of for a career starter though.

Nakata deep cut of the day: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mottai Night Land (Instrumental)

Genius genius genius genius genius

Side note, I love how with this fan-made instrumental version the vocals remover fails to catch a lot of the vocaloid harmonies, thus making them easier to actually hear

The more time that goes on the more confident I become that I will spend the rest of my life in software competing against paper, and the more impressed I become with what a formidable and feature-rich foe it is.

Amazing 5 part mini documentary on the creation of 250’s recent solo album (that video is part 1 of 5)

So interesting he went straight from this to producing a bunch of the NewJeans stuff that’s been going completely supernova.

I’ve been feeling like I’m in a K-pop kick lately. The 4th generation of pop groups are firing on all cylinders while established groups are having unprecedented longevity leading to what seems like an incredibly crowded and competitive golden age of k-pop. but when you hit the wikipedia page of a cutting edge K-pop single the producer/composer/lyricist bylines are each 5 names long with names you’ve never heard of. 250, FRNK, Earattack, Willie Weeks, Shift K3Y, BEP, PEEJAY, Jake K, MNEK, Ylva Dimberg, The Stereotypes, Didrik Thott… makes me curious what the modern production process is like in the industry.


Capsule’s 16th studio album. Yasutaka Nakata’s 35th. Absolutely mindblowing. 2022 was such a fun year to be a fan with so many cool songs and unique ideas. The whole 80s synthwave sound came out of nowhere. Now I’m just curious what the 2023 sound will be.

This track wasn’t even one of the singles, I just thought it was fun.

Samara Joy is the real deal

Question: when will Dungen run out of sauce Answer: NEVER EVER EVER

The Madison Cunningham hype is extremely warranted WOW