<3 nakata



<3 nakata

I can’t wait to see what Mitski does next

Finding a game I can play well from my laptop while traveling (auto chess) was bad for my sleep schedule… But yay I won one finally! Victory screen of a game of auto chess

Practicing pronunciation and ending up with a pretty funny vocab word of the day

google translate of Korean text

MC in GSL LET'S GOOOOOOO https://www.twitch.tv/gsl

Encouraged by stuff like https://www.aviencloud.com – smallish community with 24/7 live stream of indie electronic music. Open submissions for new stuff. Not very genre-pigeonholed. Interesting that this is the current form of this kind of DIY thing in that it exists only on youtube/discord and is intended as background music. Was watching a music producer's twitch stream and when he heard something good said “you should submit it to aviencloud” like it's an indie artist stepping stone. Good tunes

The power of borderline content is just as strong on mastodon as it is on Facebook. The problem goes deeper than getting off of big tech social media. How do we structure ourselves in defense of the fact that information theory + human nature = extremism?

I wish content warning would go away as a Mastodon feature. It is only used as a meta/tag/category/quip for the main content… which is actively disrespectful of its actual intended use. Plus at default it requires user interaction to even read the actual message content, and is used frequently enough that my timeline is full of contextless CWs. The whole thing is a mess and confusing for new users (took me months to realize what CW meant and what was going on)

Sushi mukbang lul http://www.twitch.tv/kevinflo