Great game 1 PVT from ASL the other day

I hadn’t checked out the club A.O.R. youtube channel in a while and first click it’s basically like Korean Slayer or something YEAHH

Nakata deep cut of the day (one of the deepest):
Yasutaka Nakata – XGroove

Written in 1996 when he was 16 for a Yamaha competition, and apparently it won him one of the prizes.

The audacity to sell an actual computer in 2021

Joni Mitchell on Jaco Pastorius

Food on a table

Rest assured the completely culturally confused cuisine goes both ways. Behold my sugary sweet fajita chicken and tortillas with BBQ buns, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and obviously an assortment of unidentifiable sugary sweet sauces, none of which are salsa or tomato-based in the slightest. Exactly what I was going for ordering Mexican food.

Wtf are they marketing in Korea…

Cool concept for the lyrics

Instant classic video – the students have no idea who she is 😂

Edit: and this one too WOW

Tons more amazing Korean ballads on the YouTube channel for the show Begin Again

Capsule marathon listening party on their stream right now is an absolute blast, so many cool fans all interacting for the first time. Euphoric atmosphere, just like two decades of enjoying this music and finally connecting together as a community all at once. Totally international, people chiming in from all over the world