No matter how many times I try to stray from IntelliJ for frontend dev I keep crawling back. It's so ugly and such a resource hog but coming back to it after two months futzing with VS Code it's just unquestionably superior

Perfume doing Tenku on the NYE live stream and they cut to this shot… what a reminder. I've been blasting this song in my car and it's easy to feel like it's niche music or I'm the only one into it etc. NOPE. It's music for everyone, and it's fantastic

A screencap of a stadium Perfume concert

I'm 4 songs into my first listening of mama's gun by Erykah Badu and it's so insanely good I'm thinking about all those times you're like “I wish I could go back and hear x album for the first time again” and fully aware that's me right now

Minneapolis coworking spaces start clearing out at 4pm. I know raw work hours don't equal productivity, but the passion/commitment level here is just so starkly different from San Francisco (or at least it takes a different form). I don't know the extent to which I want my work to define my life but I know I like being ambitious and this is a bad kind of contagious

Playing in the Minneapolis Deathball tourney tonight! Watch live at


Checked out the music from the rapper that guested on nakata's album for wire frame baby and it's freshhhhh

In 2019 I'm throwing a Yasutaka Nakata music only dance party in Minneapolis and it's going to be legendary and you're all invited

The Fediverse

*EDIT: I’m now moving to – more to come on this soon

*End edit

I don’t post here much anymore, and I just wanted to drop a line to say that it’s mostly because I’m gravitating more towards the fediverse/mastodon. is where you can find me there (for now)

Eventually I hope to stake my claim in the fediverse at my own domain but I’m not sure how I want to approach that so for now I’m just chillin on

I also made one episode of – keep planning to make more but it just hasn’t come together yet. Episodes will be a *when the stars align* kind of thing instead of regular.

Instagram is feeling like an unstoppable culture hub juggernaut. The youth of the world think it’s cool. Times are desperate. Federate, experiment, be loud, evangelize.

Many years ago, my first webapp ever was a little site for listing concerts in the twin cities. Awesome to stumble on someone who made a modern version of that