TheSushiDragon is a super unique and cool and creative streamer. Been enjoying watching his rise

He's got an insane multi-camera green screen setup with effects and clips and triggers it all live from control pads on his wrists


Short talk from Bill Gates on extreme poverty. Succinct and packed with big picture stuff I just didn't know. Really worth the ~10mins

So excited to hear all the good things Jacob Collier has been cooking up

Today's apple announcement just drove home how all the tech I own is from 2014-2016 and I want to make it last as long as I can. I live in a magical fantasy land of headphone jacks, good travel keyboards, USB-A ports, and no accidental-input-prone oversized trackpads/touchbars/bezelless screens


Bob's back <3

Bosstoss stream is lit

LIZZO AND SOPHIA ERIS WERE ON 3RDEYEGIRL??!!!?! How did I not know this?????

New esperanza alert>

Pretty far out stuff

I think this plant is going to thrive sporting this pin but the others from mspsocial think I'm nuts. Time will tell. A plant with a contentious pin in it