Domi Degalle's right hand is going to save the world complete masterpiece.

Nakata in 2018 is like Rush in the 80s. Still young enough to go along with the times & bold enough to completely remake themselves, leaving behind so much from what made a decade of hits. Not for everyone & some won't like it but as a fan the journey & progression is what makes it 100x more interesting.

It's the 13 year long compositional/technical/cultural progression to that from this that makes it all so compelling

Guarantees the album will be rippin

Album credits showing Yasutaka Nakata did everything on the album himself Album credits showing Lous Cole did everything on the album himself

10/10 game goin down in the NALCS today for the TL vs. TSM game. So much personality in the play out of Bjergsen and Doublelift

New Louis Cole Album

His new album Time is absolutely brilliant. So fun to hear something brand new from one of your favorite artists when they’re completely at their peak and firing on all cylinders.

Future Pop comes out tomorrow too. The singles have been hit and miss but hoping it’s a step up from Cosmic Explorer (parts of which did end up growing on me but overall not so much).

Good times for new tunes.

I'm at a Yasutaka Nakata dj night at womb in Tokyo (!!!) and apparently so is the Tokyo twitch channel so check it

I’m seein Capsule live…

The stars kinda gave it away but I was still unsure before hitting that translate button.

google translate of a japanese language email informing me I got a ticket to ASOBIFES

Wait what how is she getting even better

Deerhoof’s new video

Soooooooooooo beautiful

(listen with good headphones or speakers if you got em)