I switched to GitLab

You can now find my hilaribad code at code.kevinflo.com

I realize that just switching your trust from one centralized authority (github) to another (gitlab) is not really a big win, but I still switched because:

  1. If gitlab does stuff I’m not down with I can just self-host

Side note: that’s also that’s why all my permalinks will be to code.kevinflo.com instead of directly to gitlab. Nginx also made it really easy to allow for code.kevinflo.com/twitchplayscrypto to point straight to that repo and so forth.

  1. There’s something to be said for just deciding to not be part of certain network effects that you feel are too strong. This is a big part of why in the past I decided to switch to firefox, stop posting on social media (except mastodon), and even part of why I moved out of San Francisco

  2. I wasn’t born yesterday. I don’t care about the friendly smiling man. Market forces are more powerful than intentions, and Microsoft gon Microsoft. Maybe not in the short term, but on the multi-decade timescale where we need a place to organize ourselves around code this almost certainly will go sour.

Honestly how does a lineup this good even exist

Yasutaka Nakata, My Bloody Valentine, Thundercat, and Flying Lotus sharing a bill. How is this even possible http://www.sonicmania.jp/2018/

Woah this actually happened

This kicks my hypeometer for the upcoming Terrance Martin produced Herbie Hancock album into the stratosphere. Thundercat was goin absolutely mental in this…


The next generation is here

Dam, the future of music is bright


Any starcraft fans in the house? Scarlett is playing live in the GSL round of 8! https://www.twitch.tv/gsl

AMP Gmail Woes

**EDIT** I migrated to fastmail. Going forward you can contact me at:

kevin@ the dot com you’re currently on

Will be updating the mailto on kevinflo.com as well.


I’m so disturbed by the announcement of AMP in Gmail. My email address is something I’ve had for ages. I hate the idea of having to migrate off of it, but being complacent doesn’t feel like an option.

Email is something that is so critical. Any security issues, reliability issues, or data consistency issues are unacceptable to me when it comes to email. It looks like https://mailinabox.email/ or https://www.fastmail.com/ are my two best bets. Which do I trust, my own incompetent self or yet another third party? Can my VPS support another thing like this? Will setting up mailinabox throw my current kevinflo.com and blog.kevinflo.com setup into chaos?

I don’t want to have to deal with this. It was my own damn fault for ever thinking these services were “free” in the first place and being lazy enough over the last decade to come to rely on them. This is just awful for the world.



There’s a lot to like in Digital Native- some hits and some misses like all post-2013 Yasutaka Nakata, but Wire Frame Baby is *choice*




2018 SC2 season starts now https://www.twitch.tv/gsl

My queens

Album covers for Esperanza Spalding and Bjork albums

Cheers from Lisbon

A bottle of beer in front of the Lisbon skyline