People talk about wework in the past tense like it’s gone, but even now they have some insane digs downtown Seoul. When I see their locations like this around here I always wonder what the state of things is for the company and how this is gonna play out

Street level shot of a giant futuristic skyscraper with a wework logo at the top

Found an awesome yt channel livestreaming underground/small concerts in Korea

And another doing rock

Revisiting Dylan for the first time in forever on the news he sold his catalog. Early stuff doesn't connect like it used to to the point where Modern Times seems like my fave era now. Funny how things change

Sometimes there's a truly novel idea in the cryptocurrency space that reminds you… for all the BS and hype and vaporware and carbon emissions there could be something that actually gets adopted and is worthwhile and makes cool meaningful positive change. I never feel like *this is it* but instead like a hint that someday something cool could be coming after all


Been enjoying the McCartney II music video drops ahead of the McCartney III release

If you still have a linkedin and think it's worth keeping, it's one of the more worthwhile privacy toggle gauntlets to go through very aggressively permissive defaults and there's a lot you can lock down if you take the time

Classic track breakdown 💯

🎶 😊 🎶 😊