This album is amazing. So fun to try to play guitar along to something so out of your wheelhouse - I can’t even figure out where to strum the rhythm or where the changes actually fall and my attempts are kinda hilarious actually

Kai is a genius

Nakata deep cut of the day: COLTEMONIKHA - Fantastic Fantasy

Was messing around learning the chords today and they’re so cool but like every nakata song it’s out of my tiny vocal range

Article about the new King Crimson doc makes me excited to see it

Oh and btw this blog is static now. Got sick battling of some botnet trying to brute force my old self-hosted one, so static it is.

Mighty Sparrow is amazing, can’t believe I hadn’t heard this till now

Another great find from KMOJ. MN is spoiled with some great radio but KMOJ has been where it’s at for me lately.

Cory Henry with the live keyboard cam during shows is awesome


This is Nakata’s best year since 2013. Just non-stop fascinating tracks for months now, each completely different from the last. He’s back to the territory where it just doesn’t make sense how one dude is doing all this given how diverse and complex it all is. How can you juggle between project files when one has 原点回避’s bassline, one has Future Wave’s bridge, and one is this

I know it’s a bit excessive how much I post about being a fan of this music, but I mean come on how can you not be curious what this guy is gonna cook up next?

Also the classic Capsule album remasters have been a blast

And this tweet sums up my feelings about Polygon Wave (original mix)

Sick live hip-hop show from Taipei with only like 20 viewers

Great game 1 PVT from ASL the other day